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Srishty Rode fell in love with Taiwan!


Srishty RodeTV actress Srishty Rode currently seen as lead in TV soap Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi has gone for a telly calendar shoot to Taiwan and she is enjoying a lot.

Srishty says,”This my second time that I am shooting for telly calendar.I am very happy and excited because when I did telly calendar shoot for the first time it was an amazing experience and I was waiting for the second calendar shoot to come up.Now ,I am here in different city and place. Last time I had gone with different group of friends and this time I am with different people so I got a chance to make new friends.It was really nice.”

The actress talks about her looks for tally calendar,”I have choose two extreme different looks.In my one look I am wearing a grey dress which is very simple because my other look is really very hot. So I chose one simple look and another very hot look.”

The actress further adds, “Taipie is an amazing city.I saw one of the tallest building In Taipei it is called Taipei 101 and it is very beautiful and pleasant to watch.Taiwan is very nice,friendly environment and clean city.I was in the commercial city so I had not visited more places but other people saw the beautiful part of Taiwan.As I was in the city I did shopping for my family,Manish and close friends.In Taiwan there is a tradition of flying lantern and on the lantern we have to write our wish and message.So I had written a wish and a small message that I love mom,dad and Manish because I was sending it to the universe.Taiwan is a beautiful island.”


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