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We are not responsible for Digangana exit from the Bigg Boss house: Neeraj Suryavanshi


Popular actress young Digangana Suryavanshi is out from the Bigg Boss house. This week the nominated contestants were Suyesh and Digangana and there were no voting lines open. The inmates voted out the popular actress from the house. Certain unknown website has reported that Digangana’s parents were responsible for her exit from the show as they created a scene with the production house and hence this exit happened. This is completely untrue and baseless. There was a certain game plan behind Digangana’s exit.

For an example this week there was no public voting and the housemates voted her out. It is obvious because Suyesh and Kiswar are couple and they have a splendid rapport with Prince whom they treated as Kiswar’s brother inside the house.

On the other side Digangana never belonged to any group and she is one of the most powerful contestant so far. So the rest of the housemates were insecured with her. If the exit was based on the public voting then Digangana would have never got out from the house. Her parents were always worried forDigangana’s health but they were always very confident about their daughters confidence. So this report of Digangana’s parents interference is completely untrue.

On being contacted Digangana’s father Neeraj Suryavanshi says I am shocked with the rumour. We are responsible as parents and we were and are genuinely concerned about our daughter. We won’t let anyone put our reputation at stake


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