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#SpoilerAlert: Swaragini and it’s upcoming twist


Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Swaragini…

As per the current track, Sanskar ask Swara to do her work and leave the house soon. In the meantime, Durga Prasad tells Swara that he has to do it for his son and adds that he cannot back off from his promise. Later, Ragini tells the guests that Durga Prasad is transferring his company to her. As Annapurna serves drinks to the guests, Parvati explains as to the reason behind it.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, At the party, Ragini will reveal a part of the secret about Durgaprasad. Later, Durgaprasad will transfer the property to Ragini by signing the papers. Ragini will make everyone do household work. She will ask her mother-in-law to clean the floor and Lakshya will serve food to everyone. Ragini’s grandmother will also live with her and guide her in her wicked motive.

Later, Swara will decide to find out about the secret that is not letting Durgaprasad stand up against Ragini.


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