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Jason Tham talks about his character and stunts in the show “Agent Raghav”


TV actor Jason Tham who is currently seen in Agent Raghav as Agent Bikram talks about his character and stunts he is doing in the show.

Jason says,”I am enjoying lot as agent Bikram.People adore my character as Agent Bikram.They love my acting and action sequences.They also love my chemistry with agent Rajbir.so they have given us mini name like Bikraj.”
Jason also talks about the stunts he is doing in Agent Raghav,”All stunts are choreographed by me from chase sequence to action sequence because I know my strengths and limitations.I also respect my directors to give me freedom to do the things I want to do no matter how dangerous they are.I rehearse each and every sequence twice or thrice with the co actors.”
The actor further adds,”I don’t use safety mats or any harness during the shot.It is all organic,real and dangerous like from flipping over a person,flipping over a ca,sliding beneath a railing,acrobatic jumps from staircase.All I need is to leave me at the location and give me time to create the magic.I thank the creators of this show to give me a chance to use my creative side.”
The actor shares his favorite action star,”I like Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa because their stunts are daring,fierce,dangerous and original.Even though they are masters of their field .They are also the most humble,calm and peaceful people.So from them I have learned to be humble and calm as a person.”
When asked what difference Agent Raghav made in his career the actor says,”People are slowly accepting my image from a dancer to an actor.the look and style in the show has broken my whole image of a college student as I look older and bolder.I am also getting serious roles offer

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