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Spoiler Alert: Ishq Ka Rand Safed, Sasural Simar Ka and Balika Vadhu

Spoiler Alert

Ishq Ka Rand Safed: Kanak gifts Dhaani a goat’s head as a part of the ‘godh bharai’ ceremony. Dhaani is shocked.Viplav gives Dhaani a big surprise by taking her out on a romantic date.

Sasural Simar Ka: Simar is summoned by Patali and tests whether she is completely evil or still has some good left in her. Simar locks her family and like a zombie, arrives at Patali’s call.Simar is dancing with Patali’s followers. When she enters the house, she is alone and looks innocently and explains that she went to collect the goddess’s statue at Patali’s instructions.

Balika Vadhu: Kamli informs Mangla about Urmila’s death. Urmila’s dead body is brought home. Harkhi decides to escape from the house to meet Akheraj. But she is stopped by Kamli.Harkhi meets Akheraj and Badrinath and informs them about Urmila’s death. Kamli is asked by Saraswati to perform Urmila’s last rites. During Urmila’s funeral procession, Akheraj tries to kill Mangla.


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