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Spoiler Alert: Sasural Simar Ka and Balika Vadhu

Spoiler Alert

Sasural Simar Ka: Simar is under Patali’s control while Devika is bound by chains. Devika realises that the chain starts melting when she cries and inflicts pain upon herself. Finally, manages to free herself.Simar is looking for Devika. Meanwhile, she is hiding inside a pond, but Simar finds her. Simar holds Devika’s neck and tries to kill her. Patali is happy to see that Devika is dead.

Balika Vadhu: Nimboli tells Mangla to take her to Jhalra. Kamli asks Kundan to pay the mortgage money when he asks for the house’s legal papers. Harkhi asks Kundan to work so that he can repay the money.Nidhi convinces Nimboli to stay with her and manages to cheer her up. Mangla raises the issue of moving to Jhalra, but Jagya gets angry and asks her to stop thinking about the issue.


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