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Shraddha to trap Thapki in a sack in Thapki..Pyaar Ki

Thapki - Show Logo

Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Thapki..Pyaar Ki

As per the current track, Dhruv notices that Thapki is working as a maid in the house, Shraddha distracts him by gifting him a wallet. Bihaan finds money in Thapki’s purse while she is fast asleep. Thapki gives Babuji aam papad. She says you wanted this right, you always called me Thapki betiya, I felt incomplete when you called me just Thapki today. He goes. She cries and says I never missed my Papa, because you were with me

Now in it’s upcoming episodes,  Thapki will send Bihaan to look for her missing earring. Here She will help Dhruv to pick up his wallet and in the process, Shraddha’s photo will fall out of it. Shraddha will trap Thapki in a sack and will plan to throw her out of the house. However, rats will bite into the sack and will set Thapki free.


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