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Life without music would be so dull and unromantic : Neha Kakkar


Popular singer Neha Kakkar thinks the significance of Valentine’s Day is celebrating your life with your loved ones. It could be either with your parents, siblings, best friends or spouse.

When asked about her favourite romantic song which is not sang by her she says,” Soch Na Sake by Arijit Singh from the movie Airlift is my new favorite these days because every time I hear it touches my heart and makes me feel loved. And my own song I love Ankhiyan, a single composed by my brother Tony Kakkar because the feel of the song is very romantic and it talks about love and celebrating it.”

Young and popular singer Neha’s idea of romance is all about quality time spending with your loved ones. She adds,”My idea of romance is spending quality time with your lover and expressing how one feels for each other not necessarily through words.  Life without music would be so dull and unromantic. Expressing romance through music always works.” Who knows better than you Neha!

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