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#SpoilerAlert: Thapki.. Pyaar Ki and it’s upcoming twist

Thapki - Show Logo

Gear for up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of  Thapki.. Pyaar Ki …

As per the current track, Shraddha and Vasu seem worried when Thapki finally wears the costume. Shraddha reminds her that she has to kiss the first person who shakes hands with her.Dadi, Balwinder and everyone else enjoys the presence of the human-sized teddy bear at the party.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes,  Bihaan will get suspicious as he will notice that Thapki is wearing the same socks as the teddy bear wore.Shraddha will follow the kid running around with the chocolate containing liquor which is finally consumed by Vasu.Suman will feel bad for Thapki and will ask her to remove the costume, but she will refuse to do so. Here, Everyone will get excited as another human-sized teddy bear will arrive.


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