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I like the team spirit in Chennai Swaggers: Shaheer Sheikh


1.Why you chose to be part of Frooti  BCL season 2? Your reasons, please share.
The very first reason is that I love to play cricket. Secondly, I never used to socialize and I come to India after a long time, so I made a conscious decision that I will go out, meet people and do things.

2. Why you chose to be part of Chennai Swagger?
I didn’t choose them, they choose me (laughs). They saw the potential in me and were the first one to approach me. As I love cricket to I said yes to them. I like the team spirit in Chennai Swaggers and everyone is a good performer.

3. Who is your favorite cricketer and why share your love for him.
I haven’t been able to watch cricket for a very long time. Nevertheless, my all time favorite cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar.

4. Any memory on cricket matches in the past which you want to share please tell in details.
As a kid I used to play a lot of cricket in my school days. I even run away from home. Every now and then I used to sneak out my room to play cricket  with the neighbor kids. Eventually, my mother used to figure out that I ran away without telling her.

5.. To build up more stamina and energy what are the physical training you are undergoing now please share….
I am not undergoing any physical training right now. Till now the toughest training I went through is to prepare for my role in Mahabharat. After that I have not undergone any physical training.

6.. Who is your best pal in your team, please share your rapport with him or her.
I don’t have any ‘best pal’ in the team. Shobhit is quite nice, actually everyone is very nice and supportive.

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