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Laksh Lalwani breaks his silence!


Nineteen year old Laksh Lalwani (Krish) who is currently seen playing lead in Hamari Adhuri Kahani on & TV and  sixteen year old Mahima Makhwana’s (Radhika) differences made news.

Laksh clears the air once and for all. He says, ” There was basic normal differences nothing earth shattering just like any other two costars. Recently at the Holi shoot regular things hapepned and were blown out of proportion.   came the time for the media interaction while applying colours she got too excited and aggressive but I didn’t react as it was unintentional from her side .

Then while giving another interview , after I applied colors on her face she vigorously rubbed her hands on my face due to which my sunglasses fell down with colors in my eyes  I got up said cut and left as I was not I a state to give an interview . 20 minutes later I got back and completed the interview from where we left . The buzz of getting slapped by her is totally baseless and shocking. I wonder why people don’t even verify before writing stuff like that .

Well coincidentally it is the youngest on-screen pair and both are growing up fast and they are shooting happily.


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