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Karna, Krishna are new action brothers in ‘Suryaputra Karn’


Actors on television hardly get a chance to explore themselves but few of them are lucky enough to portray their talent on small screen and actor Gautam Rode is definitely one of them.

Gautam who has been doing lot of action and emotional scenes will now get a chance to shoot fight sequences with his best friend on the set, Saurabh Pandey who is playing Lord Krishna on Suryaputra Karn.

Saurabh will be seen playing a double role,the new one being of Paundrak Vasudev in the same show.Talking about the scenes Gautam says,” We carefully work our moves to avoid injuries.”

Saurabh adds “Gautam is like an elder brother to me who treats me like a little brother and a superb actor to work with and we have a good understanding for each other.’

‘Describing about the character Saurabh says,”My Character Paundrak Vasudev is like a mad man who is like a wanna be God.

In this Sequence Paundrak is talking bad about Lord Krishna which is also being played by me and Karna (Gautam Rode) gets angry and both involve into a fight.This will also show new dimension of Karn’s character to the audience


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