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Spoiler Alert: Gangaa, Adhuri Kahani Hamari and Yeh Kahan Aa Gayein Hum

Spoiler Alert

Gangaa: Ganga gets shocked and runs behind Sagar in order to explain to him that he will be ruining the lives of three people. However, Sagar gets furious at her and says that she wants to ruin his life. Sagar tells Ganga that she can ruin everyone’s life for her ego. Ganga gets shattered after Sagar leaves and she hopes to explain everything to him after sometime.

Adhuri Kahani Hamari: The witch’s magic reveals that the “Icchadhari Naagin” is in Krish’s room and she finds snake skin. She chants some prayers and gets a flash of Radhika shape-shifting into a snake. Karan is shocked to see that Radhika is fine and she reveals to him that she is the “Icchadhari Naagin”  .She attacks him , but he manages to escape. The witch discovers that Karan’s life is in danger.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gayein Hum: Manvi and Rahul record a song for a famous music company. Business dinners and parties are organized by the company. The owner of a famous music company endeavors to separate Manvi from Rahul. He also has a wider agenda.


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