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Pratyusha had sindoor on her forehead, Police questions Rahul Raj Singh


Actor Rakhi Sawant has suspected boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh’s role behind the death of Pratyusha Banerjee.

She said that she was shocked to see the dead body of Pratyusha at the hospital.

“I went to the hospital with Dolly Bindra. I was shocked to look at Pratyusha’s face. There was sindoor smeared on the parting of her hairs. There were some scars on her neck and had black lips,” she told Media.

Recalling her relationship with the 24-year-old, Rakhi said: “She was a very good friend of mine. She spoke to me before entering Bigg Boss and was seeking my advice as to how to behave in the show. I refused her to be a part of the show initially. Last I met her was at a Holi party.”

Rakhi has alleged that Rahul Raj was eating chips after admitting Pratyusha to the hospital and was shocked to learn about his disappearance from the hospital in such a mysterious manner.

“It is distressing to know that her boyfriend has taken away her mobile. I am afraid he will delete all the data from it. He was seen having chips at such a critical moment, I don’t understand what is he up to,” she added.

Sources have told  that Rahul Raj is in touch with police and has not come out in the open since last evening as he is “scared”. The 34-year-old is the son of former Rajasthan Congress MP and Hindi poet Prabha Thakur.

It seems Pratyusha was planning to get married soon to Rahul. She had placed an order for her wedding lehenga with designer Rohit Verma recently, a source told The Telegraph, Calcutta. “Knowing Rahul had got engaged to someone else seems to have been the last straw. She had a massive row with Rahul,” said a police source to the daily.


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