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Jamai Raja 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja

The Episode starts with Sid wiping Roshni tears and asks her to go. Chadariya song plays……………DD calls Roshni and asks her to come. Roshni goes to DD’s ward. Sid thinks life moved back from where it started. He thinks to start all over it again. He thinks the game is on. Resham tells Kesar that don’t know what DD will do to them, and says it is scary. Roshni and DD come home. Resham gets shaken up seeing her. Kesar asks her to do aarti. Resham sings a song and does aarti. DD asks her to shut up and scolds her for singing D class songs. She asks Kesar, why Resham is wearing her clothes, jewellery and even copied her hairstyle. Resham says sorry. Roshni says everything will happen as you say.

Simran and Raj argue over their clothes. Sid tells them that they are doing this for DD’s recovery and gets angry on them. DD beats Resham and Kesar for using her make up etc. Roshni asks them to do as Mom says. DD says they have spoiled everything. Resham cries and thinks why did I do that puja and brought her back to life. Roshni thinks she got her old mom back. Just then she hears Sid coming through window and says it is 30th floor. She hugs him. Sid says we have to relive some old memories to bring her memory back. Resham cries and says if DD’s memory don’t return then we will be ruined. Kesar says we will go if she permits else we have to obey her orders. Resham looks on angry. Sid and Roshni get romantic. DD looks for Roshni. Roshni tries to take off her mangalsutra which is stuck to his shirt. DD calls Roshni and comes there. She asks didn’t you hear me? Roshni says I didn’t hear you. DD asks did Siddharth Kukreja is here? She tries to see through the window, but Roshni stops her. She wishes Sid plans should work. DD thinks I will not leave this Sid. DD comes to hall and sees pictures on the table. DD looks at Sid and Roshni’s marriage pic and gets shocked. Resham thinks she will get back her memory now. DD feels pain in her head and gets blurred flashes of the past. She faints. Roshni comes there and is shocked.

Doctor checks DD. He tells Sid that they have to take DD somewhere else. Roshni says where to take her. They decide on Panvel farmhouse. Doctor says he will convince her. Roshni says how will we meet there? Sid says he will find ways to meet her and says he will convince old lady. Roshni asks to whom he called old lady? Sid says sasumom. DD calls Roshni. Roshni asks whats up. DD asks who got these pics. Roshni says those are fake pics made by Resham. Doctor suggest her to go to Panvel farmhouse. Roshni convinces her. DD agrees.

They reach Panvel farmhouse. DD gets down the car and says there is no signal here. She asks Kesar to get wifi for her. Roshni asks her to stop her work and says we will have fun. DD says you people can relax as I am working. She gets inside and asks Kesar to get the list of newspapers. Roshni thinks my mom is sounding dangerous, and says she is back to square 1. She thinks Sid have changed her attitude with much difficulty. She says all the best love….

Precap: Sid tells DD that Roshni started loving him when she was in coma. DD asks Kesar to call Police and asks Sid how dare he to enter her daughter’s room.


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