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Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update

 Kumkum Bhagya

The Episode starts with Pragya crying and thinking that she thought they will unite tonight, but seems like destination is far even now. She cries badly and sleeps. Abhi wakes up and thinks if Mogambo is crying? He comes to her and thinks stone hearted Pragya can’t cry. He thinks she is ordering me even in her sleep to cover her with blanket. He thinks why he couldn’t see her pain, even though he wants to be unaffected by her. He covers blanket on her, and says you are looking like my fuggi like this. He says you are looking innocent even now, but one thing is missing? He brings fuggi’s specs and makes her wear it. Bheegi Bheegi Sadakon pe…Sanam Re plays……..He says you are looking like my fuggi now, and adores her….He thinks every night, I used to think about my fuggi, but I met her today and is very happy. He thinks every night shall be like this with her. He sleeps there while sitting. Pragya wakes up and covers him with blanket. She thinks she has lost hope, but he gave her a new hope. She thinks to cross the path as he will be waiting for her at the other end.

Aaliya is in kitchen and thinks it is quite difficult to make omelette. Tanu comes there. Aaliya asks her to make omelette. Tanu says it is made of eggs and says she don’t know. Aaliya says I will tell you, and gives her instructions. Aaliya applies ointment on her burnt finger. Tanu asks how to break egg? Aaliya asks her to break it anywhere. Tanu breaks egg near the gas stove. Aaliya says it is good that bhai haven’t married you, and says you don’t deserve to marry anyone. Tanu gets angry. Aaliya asks her to leave.

Akash and Dadi talk about Pragya. Akash feels bad about her pain. Dadi says we shall not remind her of the night and shall give her strength. Pragya comes and asks what happened? Akash says we thought you are sad. Pragya says Abhi have cheer her up and says she can’t forget it. Dadi says okay and says we shall not forget that Tanu is here. Pragya says we shall make Tanu’s secret out through someone else. Dadi says baby….Pragya says she is talking about Nikhil. She says we shall make Nikhil speak the truth. Purab comes there. Pragya asks Purab to get all details about him.

Aaliya asks Tanu to tell her problem and leave. Tanu says Pragya and I have known each other’s secret and asks for her help. She says I have never seen such a cunning, sharp, intelligent and betrayal girl. Aaliya asks if you are giving compliment or badmouthing about me. She agrees to help her but on a condition. She asks Tanu to help her enter Mehra house. Tanu agrees. Aaliya shares her plan with her. She asks her to take Abhi out somewhere, and asks her to separate from Abhi, and call her. She says I will call my goon and asks him to drive car towards you. I will come and save you. She asks her to play emotional drama and say that she is saved because of her. Tanu says plan is good.

Pragya tells Purab that she was over confident and couldn’t get proof against her. She asks him to get all details of Nikhil to trap him. Tanu is coming towards there. Purab says okay and goes. He collides with Tanu. Tanu comes to room and says hi to Pragya. She says she have not hidden her phone in her room and asks her to accept defeat and leave the house. Pragya says you are one step ahead of me, and says I will make you lose if you stops for a second to take breath.

Precap: Pragya shares her plan with Purab, and says they will offer job to Nikhil to make him feel financial secure, then he will go against Tanu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan



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