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Spoiler Alert: Krishndasi and Kasam

Spoiler Alert

Kasam:  Tanu agrees to marry Pawan and both the families decide to organise the ‘roka’ ceremony in the evening. Rishi is upset as he drives to the venue with Manpreet. At the venue, when Pawan holds Tanu’s hand, she feels weird and tries to run away from him. Meanwhile, Neha tells an upset Rishi that she feels bad about him and Tanu.

Krishndasi: Aradhya is locked in a cave by Mahant’s men. She prays to a cow for her safe release. Alongside, Aryan takes Poorva on a tour of Krishnavati. Tulsi questions Mahant about Aradhya’s disappearance. However, he doesn’t reply as he is meditating. To get him talking, Tulsi starts dancing like an apsara.


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