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Spoiler Alert: Kumkum Bhagya and Naagin

Spoiler Alert

Kumkum Bhagya: This week finally Tanu’s secret will be revealed in front of Abhi. After giving divorce to Pragya he finally goes to temple to marry Tanu. Pragya will reach there and stop wedding. She will snatch sindoor(vermilion) from Abhi’s hand and make put it on her hair parting. She will then reveal the truth of Tanu’s baby.

Naagin: This week Ritik and Shivanya will consummate their marriage and consequently Shivanya will lose her powers. There will be fight for ‘Nagmani’. Ritik will get ‘Naagmani’ and Yamini will ask for it but Ritik’s father comes there and gives ‘Nagmani’ to Guru Maa who runs away with ‘Naagmani’. But Yamini will chase her and she will manage to kill Guru Maa.


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